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A Seat at the Table

By Belinda Pianezza

Almost everyone can share memories of a family feast around a large, nicely decorated dining room table. It is the spot where family and friends gather to enjoy a meal and bond. How your dining room is presented says a lot about the kind of gatherings you like to host. Do you prefer formal or fun?

It may be those traditional family dinners that are inspiring a current trend in dining room tables. Art Deco has been around for many years. It is a design that tells your guests that you enjoy the elegance of a more formal setting. The design style dates back to before World War I. It pairs high-end luxury with elegance. Glass top tables and formal fabric chairs are a great centerpiece for a more formal dining room.

Perhaps you prefer something a little more colourful but with a touch of elegance. Circular wooden pedestal tables are majestic places for your guests to dine. Pair a wooden table with chairs that have a ‘worldly’ fabric flair and you have created a touch of the exotic in your home.

If you tend to have gatherings that bring together a dozen of your closest friends and family, then you will need a long table. Nineteenth century dining tables had plenty of room for several guests. A long oval wooden table with ornate pedestals will make quite the statement. Add matching wooden chairs and the set will transform your dining room into a classic space.

There are those gatherings that are meant to be relaxing. It’s a time for friends and family to get together away from the pomp and circumstance of other parts of life. A long wooden table with plain legs provides the perfect spot to host a casual dinner. Add in a few vintage-looking chairs and you’ve created a space that many can relate to and enjoy.

For those that love the décor of an old farmhouse, there are dining room sets that reflect an old country charm. Picture a long chunky rectangular white table with big pillar legs. The chairs match the table with their white wash and pillar legs. Add in some gingham patterned cushions on the chairs and you’ve created a country look in your suburban home.

A variation on the country theme means pairing the chunky white table with chairs on one side and a long matching bench on the other. Benches can be a great way to make a space seem less formal. It can accommodate many diners and can add the feeling that all are welcome at the table. A cabinet and hutch that match the dining set complete the country look.

For those that prefer the city, a nouveau-look dining set may be the way to go. A metal-framed table and chairs are very casual and create a statement all their own.