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By Belinda Pianezza Most furry creatures in Canada have some fans. There are always people who will “ooo” or “ahh” for them, even if they are not the cutest of creatures. Then there are bats. The winged creatures seem to defy all understanding about animals. They

By Belinda Pianezza Does your child complain of an itchy head? Does he or she seem to scratch endlessly? What’s bugging them may be more than just a case of dry scalp. Your child may have a case of Pediculosis. Believe it or not that is

By Belinda Pianezza Back to school is the best time of year for parents. They look forward to the day their kids leave the couch and the video games and head back to the classroom. They have just spent 10 weeks without any quizzes, test or

By Belinda Pianezza Education Aurora Montessori School. 905-841- 0065 Atscott Pre-School Academy. 905-953- KIDS (5437) CGMA Private School in Newmarket. 905-898- 6257 Dance Studios Northern Lights Dance Studio, Aurora. 905-713- 0555 York Dance Academy. 905-726- 1241 or 1-866- 431-YORK Sue’s Dance Centre, Newmarket. 905-895- 7469 Gymnastics Kids Supergym, Aurora. 905-841- 5437 The Tumble Tot Co. and

By Belinda Pianezza Ask any educator and he or she will tell you that reading to your child is one of the most beneficial things you can do to help them develop. In fact, reading to children from the time they are toddlers will help them

By Samantha Forani, Graduate of McMaster University It is that time of year. The Holidays are sadly over, it is snowy and cold, and deadlines for university applications are looming. For those who are unaware, the deadline for all university applications to the OUAC is January

By Belinda Pianezza What colours come to mind when you think about Christmas? More than likely, the first hues you picture are red and green. These two bold colours have long been the shades of the holiday season, but why? Some historians have traced the seasonal colours