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Families and Children

By Belinda Pianezza It’s that time of year again! Santa Claus is coming to town and he’s hoping to see the streets lined with people to greet him as he makes his rounds. Bring the whole family out for a fun-filled adventure! NEWMARKET SANTA CLAUS PARADE November 18

By Belinda Pianezza Anyone who has chased after a toddler can point out all of the dangerous situations in a room. When you are following the line of sight of someone barely three feet tall, the world suddenly looks very different. Add in a strong sense

By Belinda Pianezza Father’s Day is coming soon and dad doesn’t need another shirt or a tie. He can only use so many baseball hats. So now what? For years you have gotten dad a new shirt, or a gift card. What could you do this

By Belinda Pianezza With regards to transportation for our little ones, baby, we’ve come a long way! Gone are the metal carriages with the vinyl covers and the unforgiving wheels. Today’s strollers resemble something that NASA could have created to travel an unknown planet and beam

By Belinda Pianezza With kids out of school, they will be playing with friends, hanging at the park and they will spend a portion of their time online. While you spend time at work, your kids may be sharing their fun, summer experiences on social networks. You

By Belinda Pianezza What’s for dinner? We have all heard that restless cry from another room around the food-bewitching hour. Every day between five and six o’clock the pressure is on to create a meal that your family will eat, or better yet, like. Parents would

By Carmina Pereira Supplies: -8 ounces of white glue -1 teaspoon Borax powder -green food colouring -½ cup warm water -gold plastic coins Directions: -In a large mixing bowl, slowly mix the Borax, glue and warm water until a soft goo forms. You may need to knead the mixture for a bit until

By Belinda Pianezza There is nothing that makes Spring sweeter than the rich taste of fresh real maple syrup. The process of making maple syrup from sap has been a Canadian tradition for centuries. While maple lovers everywhere pour the thick delicious syrup on Sunday pancakes,