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By Belinda Pianezza We’ve all heard news reports about company discs that have been lost that have sensitive customer information on them. We may have even received a call or a letter stating our private financial or health information has been compromised because a hard drive

By Belinda Pianezza Does your child complain of an itchy head? Does he or she seem to scratch endlessly? What’s bugging them may be more than just a case of dry scalp. Your child may have a case of Pediculosis. Believe it or not that is

By Belinda Pianezza Look up! Soon there will be a splash of colour up high! In Ontario, there are four statutory holidays that bring out spectacular fireworks displays in the night sky. Canada Day is one of them. Many cities across Ontario will participate, but many

By Belinda Pianezza The once mighty oak tree that sat proudly in your front yard has seen better days. It may still have some life left in it, but it’s very big and has several branches that are no longer sprouting new growth. The past winter

By Belinda Pianezza Every parent wants the best for his or her baby. A mom will eat carefully for nine months to make sure that the little person growing inside of her has the best possible start to life. Then, there are some parents who go

By Belinda Pianezza There is nothing like smooth, silky skin that looks flawless and is soft to the touch. But, it seems that no matter what you do to try to have the ‘perfect’ skin, the elements are working against you. So what can you do

By Belinda Pianezza Until recently, those who suffered from chronic pain, sleeplessness and a host of other symptoms were hard to diagnose. In fact it was believed that anyone complaining of those symptoms were experiencing more mental anguish than physical pain; but that has changed. The