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By Belinda Pianezza On the hunt for a perfect Christmas tree? Choosing the right one is as individualized as you are and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people struggle between purchasing an artificial one or trekking out to their local tree farm

By Belinda Pianezza The holidays are around the corner and although you’ve added some lights and wreaths throughout your surroundings, the rest of the house could use a nice touch. While outside may seem white and grey, there is no reason that inside cannot be a

By Belinda Pianezza You might find yourself looking around your kitchen at your old appliances and wondering what to do. They still work, but they are not exactly the most efficient or stylish. Replacing appliances comes at a high price. If it is in the budget,

By Belinda Pianezza Giving a room a facelift usually involves a fresh coat of paint and some eye-catching accents. The colourful changes may give the space a new look, but it doesn't change what lies beneath. New flooring can add a classy touch to any room.

By Belinda Pianezza There really is no better way to add warmth to a home than a fireplace. The mesmerizing flames take us away from our daily grinds. Depending upon the style, a fireplace can become the focal point of any room. There are so many

By Belinda Pianezza Almost everyone can share memories of a family feast around a large, nicely decorated dining room table. It is the spot where family and friends gather to enjoy a meal and bond. How your dining room is presented says a lot about the

By Belinda Pianezza If you have ever flown over a city, you’ve likely noticed that many rooftops now have gardens. A green roof is a great way to create a garden space when you are living in the heart of the concrete jungle. What if you

By Belinda Pianezza Flowers are a beautiful addition to any room. They add a splash of colour and they can brighten up any corner. While there are wonderful advantages to having real flowers in the home, there are a few disadvantages as well. Real cut flowers

Belinda Pianezza Take a look at your backyard. Does it move you? Do you feel like grabbing a cold drink and spending time lounging in the garden? Is it inviting for guests who drop in unannounced? If your backyard is not what you think it should

Belinda Pianezza Canadians are a fickle bunch. They hibernate through the long, cold winter just waiting for the warmth of summer. When the hotter months arrive, they are inside enjoying the cool air conditioner while looking out at the beautiful summer weather. There is no need to