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This Month In History

By Belinda Pianezza For those that follow astrology, there is a belief that people born in the same month share certain characteristics. For instance, those born in December tend to be ambitious and fun loving. They are honest and trustworthy and make friends easily, but most

By Belinda Pianezza Remembrance Day or Armistice Day is a day that marks the anniversary of the official end of World War I on November 11, 1918 at 11am (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month). Troops from Canada supported the Allied forces

By Belinda Pianezza In most cases, October is the month where Canada switches from warmer weather to the colder temperatures. Maybe that is why October is not mentioned in any of William Shakespeare’s plays or sonnets. There were clearly no Ides of October. That aside, it

By Belinda Pianezza There is something nice about the month of September. It's the ninth month on our calendar and one of the nicest months for weather in Canada. Historically, September has been a month full of great accomplishments, particularly for Canadian women. In September 1952, Laddie

By Belinda Pianezza If you are an August baby, then you are likely a Leo (born between July 23 – August 22) or a Virgo (born between August 23 – September 22). Leos possess a positive outlook on life. They are great achievers that set examples

By Belinda Pianezza Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world. We have such a unique mix of plains, rivers and mountains from coast to coast. We are filled with kind and tolerant people from different cultural backgrounds. We are known as a peacekeeping

By Belinda Pianezza May is a month that most look forward to throughout the year. It is the beginning of much warmer weather and more sunshine. There are a few famous Canadians that would say the month means a lot more than just more time outdoors. It

By Belinda Pianezza It’s difficult not to talk about a certain day in April when referring to the month. After all, it is the very first day of the fourth month of the year. April 1 st is more affectionately known as “April Fools Day”. Anyone

By Belinda Pianezza In Canadian history there have been many women who have pushed against gender division. Some famous Canadian women have seen success in medicine and others in politics. Then there are those that have used the mighty pen. Lucy Maud Montgomery is a household name

By Belinda Pianezza February is Black History Month in Canada. It is a time when all Canadians recognize the contributions that the Black community has made to this diverse nation. It is a time to reflect on events that changed Canadian history. Members of the Black Community