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Famous October Birthdays

By Belinda Pianezza

In most cases, October is the month where Canada switches from warmer weather to the colder temperatures. Maybe that is why October is not mentioned in any of William Shakespeare’s plays or sonnets. There were clearly no Ides of October. That aside, it is definitely a ‘sweet’ month… more candy is sold on October 28 th than on any other day of the year. October is also known for something else. In Italy, October is the best month to conceive a boy.

Ryan Rodney Reynolds would likely have a comical line to share about his birth month. The A-list actor was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on October 23, 1976. He started his career in the Nickelodeon series ‘Fifteen’. After the series ended he appeared in a few television movies before deciding to leave acting. He tried again in 1998 when he landed a roll in ‘Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place’. His first breakthrough was in ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder’ in 2002. Since then he has starred in numerous films including ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ and ‘Deadpool’. He is married to fellow actor Blake Lively and they have two daughters.

Just down the road, and a few years after Ryan Reynolds was born, a fellow X-men entered the world. Shawn Robert Ashmore was born in Richmond, British Columbia on October 7, 1979. The Canadian actor is best known for his role as Bobby Drake/Iceman in the X-Men film series. He was also known for his role as Jake in the Animorphs television series. Ashmore is the twin brother of actor Aaron Ashmore. Shawn is actually the younger of the two, born one minute after Aaron. The eldest Ashmore played Jimmy Olsen on the television series ‘Smallville’.

October has welcomed so many well-known Canadians. There is one that cannot be forgotten. John Franklin Candy was ironically born on October 31, 1950 in Newmarket, Ontario. He was a legendary actor and comedian. He rose to fame as a member of the Toronto Second City comedy group and the Second City Television series (SCTV). On SCTV, he worked with other Canadian stars including Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, Rick Moranis and Harold Ramis. Candy went on to star in several comedies including ‘Stripes’, ‘Splash’, ‘The Great Outdoors’, ‘Spaceballs’, and ‘Uncle Buck’. The film that Candy is known the most for was the 1987 hit, ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’. He played quirky salesman Del Griffith alongside Steve Martin’s anxious character. Candy turned to a more serious role in 1991 in Oliver Stone’s film ‘JFK’. He played a corrupt lawyer in the box office success. The actor then returned to comedy in 1993 in the movie ‘Cool Runnings’ about the Jamaican bobsled team. ‘Canadian Bacon’ was the last movie that Candy appeared in, it was released a year after his death. John Candy died of a heart attack on March 4, 1994.