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(NC)- The snow has melted and grilling season is around the corner. It may not be summer just yet, but you do not have to wait to enjoy that perfectly charred steak fresh off the grill. Ingredients • 1 10oz New York Strip Steak, 1” thick • 2

By Carmina Pereira You’ll Need: 1 cup raw cocoa butter 1/2 cup coconut oil 1/2 teaspoon almond oil Lavender essential oil Wilton silicone heart mold Directions Combine the raw cocoa butter, coconut oil and almond oil in a small pot and heat on medium low until everything is melted. Be careful not to bring

By Belinda Pianezza May is a month that most look forward to throughout the year. It is the beginning of much warmer weather and more sunshine. There are a few famous Canadians that would say the month means a lot more than just more time outdoors. It

By Samantha Forani, Graduate of McMaster University It is no secret that sugary drinks have become a concern in the diets of children and young adults. While many attempts have been made to minimize the consumption of sugary drinks, from removing pop and sugar filled juices

By Belinda Pianezza Aging is never easy. There are physical and mental changes that can make every day routines challenging. For those in the senior population, aging can mean having to move from his/her home into the home of a loved one or into a senior

By Belinda Pianezza It doesn’t take much of a warm summer breeze to inspire most to let their hair down and enjoy the sun. With every toss of the tresses in the summer sun, hair is actually taking a beating. Hair is no different than skin, it

By Belinda Pianezza It is never easy finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Mom. Gift Cards, jewellery, clothing and flowers all come to mind, but they make the list every year. Enough is enough. What would be a great gift to get mom this year

By Belinda Pianezza If your friend offers you a last minute drive home from work, you can be sure he/she will just need a minute to tidy up before you get in. As you climb in you notice the back seat is piled with papers, cans,

By Belinda Pianezza The once mighty oak tree that sat proudly in your front yard has seen better days. It may still have some life left in it, but it’s very big and has several branches that are no longer sprouting new growth. The past winter

By Belinda Pianezza There is nothing better than adding freshly picked herbs to your favourite dish. They are full of flavour and can change a mediocre meal into a tasty treat with just a sprig. Every meal can be this good if you grow your own