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Why Advertise With Us

When considering your 2017 advertising budget, we hope you will take into account the following.


  • The Month Ahead Magazine has been in business for 24 years and prides itself on being an ethical business partner that grows and keeps its clientele by always delivering what was promised and exceeding expectations.
  • We have NEVER increased our rates in the past 5 years, even though our printer and Canada Post have raised theirs.
  • We don’t lock you in a contract. You can advertise at any time and still get the best rate.
  • Our front covers have a waiting list and are sold out well in advance.
  • We don’t charge extra for graphic design work.
  • Our distribution is very targeted to get you the best exposure for your business. Regular updates are made to include new homes in your area and we are not afraid of showing you our distribution routes or our client testimonials.
  • Unlike other local magazines, ours doesn’t get dumped into a wire stand waiting for people to pick it up. We know that doesn’t guarantee it will be read or distributed.
  • We are delivered via Canada Post and not tossed onto driveways and front door entrances where the magazine would be damaged by traffic and weather.
  • We are reliable and on-time. Our issues arrive in a reader’s mailbox by the 1st of the month or earlier.
  • Your ads are also found on a digital copy on our website. This gives you further exposure to a wider audience.
  • The Month Ahead stays in homes and businesses longer because our readers enjoy our unbiased, well-researched articles and columns like Senior Beat, Youth Beat, This Month in History, Recipes, Crafts, Fun for Kids, Info Pages, Wine and Dine, At The Theatre and Contests.
  • We use high quality paper and have a minimum of 36 pages, all professionally designed with consistent format and content.
  • Our ads and content are proofread to eliminate mistakes before going to press.

With these points in mind, we hope you’ll get a sense that we really do care about our magazine and developing relationships with our clients. We thank you for considering The Month Ahead for your advertising requirements.


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